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When Uber first came out you could only order black town cars to come pick you up. Black cars, previously associated with luxury travel or rogue cab drivers, became more widely available to the masses, yet still carried a high price tag. Deemed a ride service for a niche demographic (middle aged people with money to spend), Uber realized they needed to incentivize more people to use their service, thus introducing UBER promo codes.

That is, in order for Uber to expand their reach and convince more people to choose as a method of transportation, they started giving each Uber user an Uber promo code to share with their friends and contacts. This way, whenever a current Uber user shares their Uber promo code with a friend or contact who hasn’t yet signed up for Uber, both the user and their friend get credit in their accounts to use Uber.

As more and more people became aware of a first free ride with Uber, Uber promo codes became more popular. However, since people don’t always want to pay a high sticker price for black car to pick them up, they usually stop using Uber black cars after they use their one free ride (unless they are able to share their unique Uber promo code with other friends who haven’t yet signed up). Missing out on a large slice of the pie, Uber finally tapped into the recent boom in the shared economy movement. That is, Uber realized they were completely neglecting a demographic of people willing to pay for rides every day (just not rides for black car prices).

A little over a year ago, Uber introduced Uber X, a game changer in the ride-sharing service. Unlike Uber black cars, Uber X allows for everyday people (who have gone through appropriate Uber screening) to pick up passengers—in the same fashion as Uber black cars—in their normal cars*. [*Uber X cars still have pass a certain inspection created by Uber as it is not in Uber’s best interest to have their drivers picking passengers up in old, battered, or unsafe cars.]

Uber X, a cheaper and more utilitarian option in the transportation industry, caught the attention of even more people than Uber black cars did. Understanding how much of a ripple they themselves had created in the ridesharing world, Uber continued to give current Uber users Uber promo codes to pass out to their friends and contacts in order to encourage them to also become Uber X users.

Today it seems almost impossible to think of a time when Uber X wasn’t around. Even just two years ago this seemingly novel and posh concept, of being able to order a car on demand through your phone, is now something most people could never live without. The idea of having to pick up a phone to call a taxi company, most likely with a hold time of fifteen minutes and then terrible customer service once you finally do get through to them, is a part of the past few of us will miss. Uber is a way of the future; it’s innovation at its finest.

Uber listened to the people, and as a result it solved for a massive problem. The freedom to be able to beckon a car from wherever you are, whenever you need to, really shows just how far along society has come. And while Uber’s marketing on it’s own has been good, it’s possible they never would be as far up on the map as they are today, had they not been so clever as to invent and share unique Uber promo codes with each individual user that joins their ride service.

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  4. Kelly roskosh

    Hi, I need a ride to court in Mesa, AZ on Mon 6/22/15. I must be there at 8am and a return ride home when I’m finished. I also need a ride to a doctor appt. on Wed 6/24 at 7:30am and a return ride home when finished. I’m brand new to this service and have no idea how this works. I have a Nook (iPad android) and no cell phone. Could you please let me know how this works and how to contact you w/o a cell phone? Thank you!

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